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Drum Meditation

Drum Meditation

✅How to play Djembe, Drum and Rhythm and Meditate.

✅Master the art of meditation with your drumming.

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#1st Rated

How to Play Djembe Drum & Rhythm for beginner. Level 1

Play Djembe, Drum & Rhythm and Teach Children too. Develop a playful relationship with , drum, rhythm or any instrument.

#2nd Rated

How to play Djembe, Drums & Rhythm. Level 2

A powerful course to boost your confidence in rhythm! Learn how to develop a playful relationship with music.

#3rd Rated

Learn how to be playful with Rhythm, Vocal & Body movement

Learn how to combine your Voice and Body with Rhythm and unlock the power of feeling good.

#3rd Rated

Get The Power of Feeling Good Now, and Change your life

Do you want to feel good and enjoy more your daily life now? Enjoy the next the level of your life Now.

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Drum & Rhythm Level 1

How to play the drum and rhythm and then teach the children. 
How to play drum and rhythm and teach children. Learn to develop a playful relationship with djembe, drum, rhythm or any instrument.

Drum & Rhythm Level 2

How to play djembe, drums and rhythm. 2
A powerful course to increase your confidence in the drum and rhythm! Have the power to conquer the world of rhythm.
This course will cause you to develop a playful relationship with music.

Popular African Musical Instruments

When it comes to musical instrument, the African continent is well-known for it vast instruments. There are very many tribes or ethnic communities in Africa. Each tribe will have its own unique instruments. This has led to very many types of instruments with comprises of wind, stringed and also percussion.
Please explore and here. Enjoy the ride.

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"I so love Mr. Kouame Sereba's energy and style. Contagious. His body rhythm and vocal energy is perfect and inviting. It's pure teaching head to toe. Plus there's an awesome performance at the end that demonstrates several ethnic instruments and singing to give it some extra context. Can't recommend this highly enough. It's really fun." 

- By Jove

Kouame Sereba


"This teacher is full of uplifting energy. What a joy to learn with him! Simple but powerful technique. When he speaks he speaks with his whole body. I would recommend this course to everyone who is beginning on the journey of rhythm."

- By Anil Sethi

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